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Dicover SCUBA Class

Classes scheduled to start on or after Dec 01, 2016
Dec-06-2016 Tuesday-Open Water Certification Class Class: 1 of 6 part series *
Dec-09-2016 Weekend-Executive Open Water Certification Class: 1 of 3 part series *
* Students must attend all classes in the series to receive the certification.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try SCUBA diving? Imagine swimming effortlessly underwater without having to come up every few seconds for air? Imagine being weightless and completely relaxing. Come try SCUBA diving and experience a whole new world.

Certification Classes and Schedules

  • Discover Scuba Class: $99.00

This Class Includes

In the Discover Scuba class you will experience the following:

Classroom Instruction

We will spend about 1 hour teaching basic concepts of SCUBA to expose you to the world of SCUBA diving. You will learn about SCUBA Equipment, how to use it, and prepare you for a safe and pleasurable experience trying SCUBA in the pool.

Pool Dives

open water diving classes - skill development in the pool This consists of you "getting wet" in the comfort of a pool setting. We provide you with all the SCUBA gear you wil need for this class. You will get to put on a full compliment of SCUBA gear and go SCUBA diving in the pool at our shop. We will teach you some basic SCUBA skills in the water.

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