D3 Scuba Dive Trips

Scuba Dive Trips

Traveling to see and experience a dive site is one of the great rewards of being a certified diver. Whether that site is local or halfway around the world, getting there, experiencing the sights and sounds along the way, and being with a group of like-minded adventurers is a great part of the enjoyment and thrills.

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Upcoming Trips

Feb 4-7: Pompano Wrecks
Feb 18-21: Springs/Keys
Mar 6-13: Bonaire Rebreather Tech
Mar 20-21: Springs
April 1-4: Springs/Keys
April 20-25: Florida Spear Fishing
May 20-23: Florida Coral Restoration
June 9-25th: South Africa Dive and Safari
June 26-July 3: Caymans
July 17-24: Caymans
July 22-25: Springs/Keys
July 28-30: Lobster Sport Fishing
July 31-Aug 7: Bonaire
Aug 19-22: N.C. Wrecks, U352
Sep 10-12: Springs
Sep 24-26: Oriskany
Oct 8-11: Springs/Keys
Nov 20-27: Bonaire
Dec 2-5: Springs/Keys

We are planning more amazing trips, so get your calendars ready.

U.S.A. Scuba Dive Trips
U.S.A. Scuba Dive Trips

We visit many dive destinations in the U.S. and its adjacent waters. Some of our best U.S. diving is in the Florida Keys.

Caribbean Scuba Dive Trips
Caribbean Scuba Dive Trips

The Caribbean is abound with many world class dive destinations. The waters are usually warm and clear.

Central America Scuba Dive Trips
Central America Scuba Dive Trips

Some of the most popular underwater areas to explore are in Central America and provide exquisite deep-sea views.

Asia Scuba Dive Trips
Asia Scuba Dive Trips

Asia has many exotic dive destinations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Palau and others. 

Pacific Scuba Dive Trips
Pacific Scuba Dive Trips

Exotic Pacific Island diving.

Middle East Scuba Dive Trips
Middle East Scuba Dive Trips

The Red Sea is world renown for its abundant fish and coral life.

At Dive Dive Dive, we want to make your diving trips a memorable experience. We promise not to over book or over crowd any of our trips. Your comfort, safety and complete satisfaction are our main concerns.

The staff at DIVE DIVE DIVE will assist you in every aspect of your trip, including selecting a destination & providing a payment schedule that accommodates your budget. Group and individual rates and packages are available.