Asia has many exotic dive destinations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Palau and others. It’s a long flight to get there, but if you are looking for an exotic dive that few have shared this is where you want to go. See list below.

Philippines Dive Trip
Philippines Dive Trip

Discover shipwrecks, cliffs covered with sponges, colorful corals, gorgonians, turtles, sharks, rays, and even the very rarely seen exotic fishes like Spanish dancer, harlequin ghost-pipefish, camouflaged frogfish and fire gobies.

Manado - Indonesia Dive Trip
Manado – Indonesia Dive Trip

Manado is the capital city of the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi. Manado is located at the Bay of Manado, and is surrounded by a mountainous area.
Exotic diving on pristine reefs and wrecks. Shore, resort, and Liveaboard diving

Traveling to see and experience a dive site is one of the great rewards of being a certified diver. Whether that site is local or half way around the world, getting there, experiencing the sights and sounds along the way, and being with a group of like minded adventurers is a great part of the enjoyment and thrills. DIVE DIVE DIVE offers a wide range of travel opportunities, for all budgets, to experience the fun of diving.

At Dive Dive Dive, we want to make your diving trips a memorable experience. We promise not to over book or over crowd any of our trips. Your comfort, safety and complete satisfaction are our main concerns.

The staff at DIVE DIVE DIVE will assist you in every aspect of your trip, including selecting a destination & providing a payment schedule that accommodates your budget. Group and individual rates and packages are available.