D3 USA Dive Trips

Visit the most beautiful waters in the United States

We visit many dive destinations in the U.S. and its adjacent waters. Some of our best U.S. diving is in the Florida Keys.

USA Dive Trips

Traveling to see and experience a dive site is one of the great rewards of being a certified diver. Whether that site is local or half way around the world, getting there, experiencing the sights and sounds along the way, and being with a group of like minded adventurers is a great part of the enjoyment and thrills. DIVE.DIVE..DIVE offers a wide range of travel opportunities, for all budgets, to experience the fun of diving.


Florida Dive Trips

Florida offers tropical marine life, shipwrecks, reefs and manatees – suitable diving for beginners and advanced divers.


Carolina Dive Trips

Come and go with us on our custom dives in the beautiful Carolina's... small and large groups will enjoy our wreck trek diving adventures.

Georgia Dive Trips

Georgia Dive Trips

On our Georgia dive trips, you can expect to enjoy the marine life and see endangered North Atlantic right whale’s calving ground.



Point Lobos, with its clear water, abundance of sea life, and fascinating underwater topography, is considered the best diving spot on the Monterey Peninsula, and one of the best on the California coast.


Schooling hammerhead sharks is what the Coco’s Island diving scene is most famous for, but you can find many other shark and ray species, including white tip reef sharks, silky sharks, the occasional whale sharks, manta rays and marble rays.


Isla Murjeres Is home to the most reliable whale shark expeditions in the world. It also features colorful corals, Fascinating wrecks and shark caves.


Don’t see your dream destination? We will go anywhere for you! 

At Dive.Dive..Dive…, we want to make your diving trips a memorable experience. We promise not to over book or over crowd any of our trips. Your comfort, safety and complete satisfaction are our main concerns.

Our in-house staff will assist you in every aspect of your trip, including selecting a destination & providing a payment schedule that accommodates your budget. Group and individual rates and packages are available.