Vortex Springs Dive Trip


The Crown Jewel of Florida’s Freshwater Springs.

The star of Florida’s Gulf Coast premier inland dive resort is Vortex Spring. The spring produces 28 million gallons of crystal-clear water daily at a year-round temperature of 68 degrees F. Depths in the spring basin range from about 50 feet for a Open Water Divers and goes to a depth of over 160 feet for a cave divers.

The bottom of the spring bowl is sandy, with limestone near the vent. A handrail leads cave divers back 400 feet. Vortex waters flow out of the 225-foot-diameter spring which flows into Blue Creek, which flows over 10 miles before entering the Choctawhatchee River.

The fish at the spring include bluegills, channel catfish, American freshwater eels, gar, redhorse suckers, shadow bass, and exotic species such as koi and goldfish.

This 480-acre resort offers recreational and professional dive training opportunities. It has diving classes for every scuba level, including those with special needs. The spring pool has a swimming area that slopes gently from shallow to deeper water and includes a diving board, two high jumping platforms, a “zip line,” 2 slides, and an old-fashioned rope swing.

Trip Includes:

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