You are currently viewing Happy Holidays from Dive.Dive..Dive…

Happy Holidays from Dive.Dive..Dive…

Santa has been working overtime this year! We have received lots of great new prizes for friends of Dive.Dive..Dive… A lot of our suppliers have gratefully donated a variety of prizes. A big “thank you” goes to Scuba Pro, Akona, Pinnacle, and RT Adventures! Please drop by the shop to see what Santa has brought you.

Here is a list of all the prizes that have been won during Friday night’s drawing and Monday night’s drawing. There will be pictures on D3s Facebook page, as well as a list below, so that you can check your ticket number to see what prize you may have already won. If you have won, please stop by the shop to claim your prize.

The result of the drawings: 

Prizes:                                      Ticket #:

Coupon for 10 free tank rentals  |444706
Coupon for 10 free air fills  | 444575
Snappy Coil  |444583
Spit Antifog  |444652
Dive Tank Key Chain  |444712
Save-A-Dive Kit  |444715
Underwater Writing Slate  |444713
Sea Snips  |444641
Pinnacle Wetsuit  |444672
Try Scuba party for 6 guests  |444573
$500 discount on Springs/Keys Trip  |444616
$500 discount on Springs/Keys Trip  |444700
Coupon for 10 free tank rentals  |444714
Flashy Tank Light  |444651
Akona Dry Duffle bag – red  |444653
Akona Tanami Sling Dry  |444649
Coupon for 10 free air fills  |444574
Coupon for 10 free tank rentals  |444576
Akona Dry Duffle bag- blue  |444621
ScubaPro MK11 S560  | 444702

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