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Shop News April 2019

I think we can all agree, SPRING is finally here and with Spring, Dive.Dive..Dive… is bringing you some new, fresh things.  First, we have a new website. It is still a work in progress but please take the time to check it out.  If you see something broken or have a suggestion please drop us a line.  Next, Dive3 has stocked a new line of Reef Safe products from lotion to sunscreen.  Stop by and check out these Reef Safe options.


We are planning on at least two Scuba Ranger Summer Camps this year.  We’re still in the planning stages but it will be for ages 8 to 13 and last 5 days.  Call  for more details or keep a look out here.

Been thinking about some continuing education to improve those diving skills? 

We are also putting together a Dive Guide class starting on April 26th.  Dive Guide is the first step on the professional level (and I hear you saying “Lee, I’m just not cool enough to be a professional diver.”) Well that’s just not true! You are cool enough and we’ll prove it to you as we teach you the skills you need to know!  However, if you really don’t want to be a dive professional but would like to learn the skills we can do that to. 

Classes are forming as we speak.  Call for details. 

Get Ready for Spring Dives in our Pool

Want to jump in the pool and work on those skills you might have forgotten over the winter?  We can help with that.  As long as you bring a buddy, and it hasn’t been too long since your last dive, you can jump in the pool and practice those skills.  We charge $10 for jump in the pool and that includes tanks, weights, gear and, of course, all the help you need.  Come get wet!


Apr 4 – 19 Maldives SOLD OUT
Apr 26 – 28 Springs Bus Trip 
May 16 – 19 Key Largo  New Dates
June 15 – 22 Bonaire  1 spot left
July 19 – 21  Panama City Beach 
Aug 30 – Sept 2 West Palm Beach
We are planning more amazing trips, so get your calendars ready.

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