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Happy New Years everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to go diving with us again.

We are making a few changes this year. Starting this week we will be re-vamping the classroom area. Stop by and check it out or, better yet, take a continuing education class from us and see for yourselves what we have done.

Updates & Changes

Also, we have a new formula to schedule classes that we hope will relieve some confusion, mainly with me i admit. We also have a new line of T-Shirts we are very proud of and have for sale some prints from an award winning (and, more importantly a Club D3 member), photographer. Come check them out. They are amazing.

The Christmas Special was a huge success and I hope everyone was able to sigh up a friend.

Web Store

The Web store is up and running and we’ve even had a few sales. Please check it out and tell us what you think. You can get to it from our home page click on gear at the top and ignore the pull down menu . That should take you there. If not try

Upcoming Trips!

The January trip to Crystal River is closed but we still have room for the February trip to Ginnie Springs. It’s the Keys in March and Tobago in April. That should be a blast. I’m still planning my 2013 trip to Yap, Palau and Hawaii. I would love for everyone to come with me. Keep and eye out for more details. Still working the dates but looks to be in the late summer or early fall of 2013. We will land base for Yap and live aboard for Palau. We will also do the Manta Ray dive in Kona and visit the big island in Hawaii.

Remember, has all our current classes (including solo and drysuit) as well as trips.

Hope to see ya soon,

Lee & Brooke