Shop News July 2011

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We want to welcome our 2 newest Dive Professionals, Michael White and Chris Harrison. Michael made instructor this month and, in spite of being taught by Judd, has done a wonderful job. Chris just made Dive Con and has already been a huge help. Ask Chris to show you his jellyfish scars.

PCB was a wonderful trip with calm seas, good vis and Goliath Groupers on just about every dive and for those brave few who dared the jellies, an octopus.

Upcoming Trips!

We are still trying to fill the WPB trip but we may not have enough to go. That would be too bad as it is a fantastic trip. We have added a Keys trip in Sept. With a stop in Key West to dive the Vandenburg and an afternoon seeing the sights plus the Duane and Grove on Saturday along with 2 reef dive this will be a fun trip. Transportation on the Motor Coach just adds to the fun.

Remember, has all our current classes (including solo and drysuit) as well as trips.

Hope to see ya soon,

Lee & Brooke