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Shop News March 2010

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Ok, last month I pointed out that Spring was just around the corner and since then it has snowed…twice!

I hesitate to make anymore weather predictions but I will say that on March 18th we will be heading to Key Largo to dive, snow or no snow I need to get underwater. Come join us. There are a few spots left.

Shop Update

As I mentioned in the intro, we have made some changes to the shop. Richie, Rusty, John, Brooke and I spent a long Sunday moving things around and re-stocking so please stop by and tell us what you think.

Referral Rewards Program!

Also, as I type we are putting the finishing touches on our referral rewards program. That’s right, we’ll pay you to do what you love to do anyway, talk about diving to your friends. Check back next month for more details. So, bring your gear in to be serviced, pick a trip and let’s go diving!

And since the snow is over (oops, did it anyway) can the D3 Customer Appreciation Spring Cookout and gear sale be far behind?

Thanks again and get back in the water, Lee & Brooke

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