Shop News March 2017

I’m not sure if it’s really spring yet but the Cherry Trees are blooming, my Dogwood is budding and I’m ready to go diving.  Sounds like spring to me.

I hope everyone survived that brutal winter of ours and you’re ready to get back into the water.  Don’t forget to get your gear serviced for the season and stock up on all those little things you need to make that dive trip perfect.

Speaking of perfect dive trips we have a few coming up.  We still have 2 spots on our Key Largo trip March 9th.  We were down there a few weeks ago and the water was nice and warm.  Come hit the reefs with us.  We also have 2 spots left on Blackbeard’s on April 1st.  5 days in the sunny Bahamas, what could be better?  And we have 1 room left on June 17th for Cozumel.  We are also heading to West Palm for Memorial Day Weekend, plenty of spots left on that trip.    

We will start offering He fills this month and it is still our plan to be able to offer Advanced Nitrox (mixes from 41% to 100% O2), intro to Trimix (He added to the mix) Deco Procedures and Extended Range by the end of the year.  As the plan is laid out today we should be able to offer Advanced Nitrox and Intro to Trimix this month or next. (paper work is slowing us down).  Stay tuned.

Another offer in the mix is intro to Rebreathers.  We hope to be able to offer rebreather training without you having to buy your own rebreather.  Call for more details.  

We have a couple of special continuing ed classes coming up:

March 18 – Advanced Saturday.  Night, Navigation, Deep and Wreck all in one day and you get a break on the price as well.

March 19 – CPR/1st Aid/AED

March 31 -April 1 Stress and Rescue

April 3 – CPR/1st Aid/AED

        Thanks for your support and please like us on Facebook and review us on Google and Yelp!  We love to hear from everyone and we’d like to share diving with your friends.  

 Lee and the staff at Dive.Dive..Dive…

Mar 10     Key Largo (2 spots left)
Apr 1       Blackbeard’s Live Aboard (2 spots left)
May 19    Blue Grotto
May 26    West Palm Beach 
Jun 17     Cozumel (1 room left)
Jul 14      U-Boat 352
Aug 4      Springs
Aug         The Oriskany
Sep 1      West Palm Beach
Oct 20     Keys
Nov 17    Springs
Nov 26    Bonaire

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