Shop News May 2010

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Hey Everyone!

I want to apologize to everyone who did not come to Saba with us. I wish I could have figured out how to better describe the island and the diving.

If I had then everyone would have been able to experience the the incredible place. As it was only the 10 of us were lucky enough to Hike, Dive, Explore and Eat our way though the “Unspoiled Queen.” As you can guess, we have a wonderful time. The place is amazing and if you ever get a chance to go there please do.

Spring Customer Appreciation Cookout

It is about time for us to have our Spring Customer Appreciation Cookout. Keep an eye on your emails for more details.

Upcoming Trips

We have added a Cooper River trip in July. If you have never had a chance to dive the cooper now would be the perfect time. Hunt for shark’s teeth, civil war artifacts and more in this close to home but very unique trip. Call for more details. Only 6 spots left.

Check out the Dive Club section for info on Diving the GA Aquarium in May and maybe Diving and Jazz later in the year. You don’t have to be a Dive Club member to dive the aquarium with us but why wouldn’t you join? Thanks again and get back in the water.

Lee & Brooke