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Hello All!

Where to start? First, don’t forget the Christmas Party next month on December 14th here at the shop starting around 7:00pm. For those of you who have not had a chance to attend our party before you’re in for a good time. We’ll have food, drink and as always We will be having a raffle again this year and a silent auction as well.

Christmas Party!

You can start getting raffle tickets after Thanksgiving (we will be open on Friday, November 25th till 5pm). There are two ways to get a ticket. First, just buy something, anything. Every purchase gets you a ticket and large purchases gets you more tickets. (payments on trips or lay always do not count, sorry) Call me for more details.

The second way to get a ticket is to bring in a new toy for Toys for Tots. Not sure when the box will arrive but I’ll take the toys when ever you are ready to bring them. The last note on the raffle is you must be present to win so see you there.

Scuba Pro

That brings up our first change and not necessarily a good one. ScubaPro is making a few changes to their Parts for Life program on regulators. We already told you about them enforcing the requirement for annual service and the fact that you need to get your gear in to the shop ASAP if you have not had your gear serviced in over a year.

We cannot make any promises but we have been able to get some people back into the Parts for Life program. They should save you about $50 a year in parts. To qualify you need to be the original owner and have proof of purchase and have had you gear serviced every year since you bought it. If you’re not sure if you meet these rules please stop by and we’ll see what can be done.

Parts for Life Program!

The second change affects people looking to buy a new regulator. ScubaPro has mandated that as of 1/1/12 the Parts for Life program only includes regulators that are purchased as part of a Total Diving System. That means it is bought with a BC and a dive computer. So, if you just want a regulator and aren’t ready for a BC and dive computer (and why not? :)) you need to buy if before the end of the year to qualify for the Parts for Life program.

D3 Web store

Enough bad news, on to the next change and one we hope is for the better. As I type this we are turning on our new web store. You will be able to shop Dive.Dive..Dive…from the comfort of your own home, or office or whatever. We do hope you will still stop by and see us, we get lonely, but if you wake up at 3am and just need a new BC we are there for you. More on this in months to come but go take a look and tell is what you think.

Upcoming Trips

On to trips. The Galapagos trip sold out in record time and we already have 3 people on the waiting list. If you want to go please call. If we get enough people on the list we will look at a second trip. The plan is to head to the Galapagos Islands on Dec 28th 2012. We’ll stay just over a week and spend three days diving on Wolf and Darwin. We only had 7 spots to sell it it is going fast so stop by and put your deposit down if you want to go. We are also planning a second week of land tours as an option. Check out for more info on the boats and trip.

The next trip is still in the planning stages but should be firmed up soon. In 2013 I will take a trip to Yap, Palau and Hawaii. I would love for everyone to come with me. Keep and eye out for more details. For a small update, this trip is in the hands of the travel agent and looks to be in the late summer or early fall of 2013. We will land base for Yap and live aboard for Palau. We will also do the Manta Ray dive in Kona and visit the big island in Hawaii.

The next four months should go as follows:
Jan: Manatee snorkeling and springs diving
Feb: Ginnie Springs
Mar: Keys
Apr: Spring Break trip somewhere warm from 3/31 to 4/5ish Exact dates to be deterred.

Remember, has all our current classes (including solo and drysuit) as well as trips.

Hope to see ya soon,

Lee & Brooke