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Welcome divers and future divers to the Dive Dive Dive monthly newsletter. Read more to learn about all of the “happenings” around the dive shop in September and what to expect this month and more. September was a great month at Dive Dive Dive with a cadre of new divers joining our dive family and stories about some of our dive trips. From the classroom to West Palm Beach divers from Dive Dive Dive could be found blowing bubbles in the pool and along the Florida coast. It was truly an exciting time to be part of the D3 dive family.

D3 Welcomes New Confined Water Divers

In September we held our regularly scheduled Tuesday – Thursday Open Water training classes along with two of our Executive Weekend classes. The feedback from the classes was very positive with students letting us know that the SSI training team made sure that there was some “serious diving” with lots of “serious fun.”

The Tuesday – Thursday classes once again consisted of a wide diversity of individuals with ages from 14 to 55. So be on the look-out around the shop and in the water as we welcome our new divers to the D3 family – Rex, Susan, Stephanie, Collin, and Jeremy.

If you are thinking about learning to dive – then we have a class schedule that will work with your hectic life style. We offer our standard monthly training – beginning the first Tuesday of every month. The class is Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning at 6:30 pm and runs for three weeks and as I write this newsletter we only have a few spots left in our Tuesday – Thursday class – so if this is something you are interested in then give the shop a call and make plans to attend the class.. If the Tuesday – Thursday class does not meet your needs then we offer Executive Weekend classes. The Executive Weekend class begins on Friday at 6:30, and then Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 5:00. This is one of our most popular schedules and we offer the Executive Weekend class twice a month. And lastly, if the Tuesday – Thursday or Executive Weekend class is not for you then stop by the dive shop and learn how we can put together a “custom schedule” class that offers you the flexibility of picking the times and dates to take the class that works for you.

West Palm Beach – Sells Out Again!

Instructor Trainer Judd Wolfe led and his group of merry divers headed to est Palm Beach – Memorial Day and Labor Day. And as in the past, this trip was “SOLD OUT”. On a “cost per dive” basis this is one of the least expensive dive trips to the Florida coast. The West Palm Beach dive trip was attended by John, Doug, Jack, Dan, Carol, Michelle, Jiri, and Kelly. The group had three great days of diving in the warm South Florida Waters. Are your ready for this? The divers were able to make10 dives over the weekend. While diving the group saw several sharks, and a really “goliath” Goliath Grouper. Their dives took them to a few great wrecks (part of the artificial reef), and some wonderful coral reefs. While the diving was fun, a few of the divers continued their dive education during the trip. Congratulations to Carol and Dan as they completed their Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Night/Limited Visibility Diving, and Navigation Dive training. Carol and Dan now are among the many divers at D3 who are now “Advanced” divers. Another big shout out to Doug who completed his certification in Stress and Rescue training – and for those who have completed the Stress and Rescue course appreciate the work Dan put into this course. The Stress and Rescue course is a great course to build your diving confidence and to learn how to recognize your stress level and those you dive with – and how to potentially help yourself and others during dive activity. There is little doubt that the next West Palm trip scheduled for Memorial Day will sell out. So if you want to go on this annually planned trip then keep a close eye on the web site for details about the trip.


Florida Keys in October

The annual October keys trip is just a few weeks away. The trip is nearly sold out so if you have an interest in making this great trip you need to act now. Instructor Trace Blackmore will lead this year’s trip to Florida Keys in October. If you think that the autumn colors on the surface are beautiful – then you need to see the vibrant colors of the Florida Keys. There is no better way to go to the Keys then with D3 on the luxury motor coach. We leave on Thursday evening after work – and we do the driving – so you can do the diving. Friday finds you surrounded by the clear water off the Florida coast. We dive Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon (and of course no trip is complete without a night dive on Saturday night). Wake up Sunday morning with a two-cylinder dive and then climb a board for the trip home. We get you back late Sunday night with memories of some great Florida Keys diving.

Spooky Scuba – A Halloween Dive Adventure.

Has it been some time since your last dive? Are you looking to get in one last local dive trip before the crush of the holiday season? Are you up for trying something different? If you are – then sign up now for “Spooky Scuba”.

Two of our dive leaders, Judd and Mike, are headed to the Florida Springs for some spooky diving during Halloween. Here is the plan: We will meet at the multi-star (lol) Cadillac Motel in High Springs Florida Friday night, October 30th in Gainesville, Florida where we will talk of goblins and ghouls – and of course a few scuba diving tales will be told. On Saturday morning we will rise with the chickens and drive over to Blue Grotto for a couple of warm up dives (notice that we did not say “warm water” dives). For our open water students we will complete Dive 1 and Dive 2 of the Open Water Certification dives. Then, promptly after lunch we will load up and head over Ginnie Springs. Our certified divers can make afternoon dives at Ginnie Springs while I students can join us at the Springs or relax at the hotel as they prepare for dive day two of their certifications. And here is where Spooky Scuba begins. Each certified diver will find a buddy and the buddy team will be provided a pumpkin to carve (the pumpkins will have been previously cleaned so all that is left for you to do is the carving). The buddy teams will have one dive not to exceed 60 minutes in which to carve their pumpkin underwater into a fiendish, scary (or not) work of art. And once the sun sets and it gets ghoulishly dark – each buddy group will dive the springs and display their carved pumpkin underwater. You will need to bring an extra flashlight to put in your pumpkin so we can all enjoy your creativity. Oh but wait – there is more – each person entering the Springs will be asked to wear some form of Halloween costume. The costume can be as simple as a Halloween mask to as devilish as your mind (and diving skills) will allow. Your dive leadership will also have “Halloween Treats” to hand out underwater. These Halloween works of “pumpkin art” will be displayed in the springs for the appropriate judging with the winner receiving all the accolades mustered up by the dive group – and there may even be a few prizes to spread around. And that is not all. Once the “judging” is done – the D3 team invites our certified divers to experience an out of this world intergalactic “Galaxy Dive”. Sunday morning we will rise and shine and visit the “Devils Run” to finish off our Spooky Scuba Trip. Open Water Students will finish certification Dive No. 3 and 4. Once the certifications are issued and the awards announced – we will all head back to Atlanta.

So what are the rules for the pumpkin carving contest: * One buddy team – one pumpkin (the pumpkins will be cleaned and ready to carve) * 60 minutes of dive time to complete the carving. Buddy teams will need to coordinate the carving underwater, establish good communications skills and determine how to properly weight the pumpkin for viewing. * Once you “descend” with your pumpkin you may not return to the surface until the pumpkin in carved. * When you are done carving you will meet Judd or Mike at the bottom of the Springs and hand over your pumpkin for safe keeping (we do not want any “shore” carving) * The dive team must collect all of their pumpkin carvings and bring them out of the water with them. * Once it is dark you will re-enter the Springs and gather your pumpkin. You will take your pumpkin to the bottom of the Springs and place a flashlight inside the pumpkin. You better check your pumpkin during the carving process to make sure that it does not float – if so you are responsive for “properly weighting” your pumpkin. * When all the pumpkins are on the floor of the Springs we will go lights out and enjoy the lit up eerie pumpkins – where judging will take place. * The decision of the judges is final unless they change their mind. * This is a great event to challenge your underwater communication skills and improve your buddy skills. And if you are looking for night dive certification – this may just be your chance.

So what does all of this “spooky” fun cost? For Divers = $350.00 For Students = $450.00

Included in the price for our Divers is: * One night double occupancy stay at the multiple star Super 8 motel * Two cylinder dive at Blue Grotto * One night double occupancy stay at the Cadillac Hotel * Entrance to Ginnie Springs * Four cylinder dive at the springs (Saturday Afternoon – Saturday night and two dives on Sunday) * Weights Included in the price for our Students is: * One night double occupancy stay at the multiple star Super 8 motel * Two cylinder dive at Blue Grotto * One night double occupancy stay at the Cadillac Hotel * Entrance to Ginnie Springs * Two cylinder dive at the springs (Sunday Morning) * Certification Cards * Weights Prices do not include meals, rental equipment or exposure suits.

Blue Grotto in November

If you cannot make the Spooky Scuba trip but still want to complete your Open Water Certification or just want to get in some last minute dives, then the D3 shop owner – Lee Sessoms – is headed to Blue Grotto the first weekend in November. There are already a number of students and divers signed up for this trip – so make plans now to join Lee at the Blue Grotto. For more details contact the shop about pricing and other arrangements.

Bonaire in November

10th Anniversary celebration. That is right – this November marks the 10th consecutive year that dive shop owner Lee Sessoms leads a trip to beautiful Bonaire. With unlimited diving – Bonaire is often touted as one of the “bucket-list” dive destinations. And there is no one better to show you around than Lee. He has logged over 300 dives in Bonaire so he knows his way around the entire Bonaire marine sanctuary. Bonaire offers something for every diver – from exciting shore dive locations, easy boat dives, to diving the wreck of the Helma Hooker. If you are looking for an open water certification or advanced training dive trip – then Bonaire is a great place to train – with both shallow and deep water dive options. If underwater photography is your passion – then Bonaire should be your next dive. If you want to make a few dives a day and then lounge around the pool soaking up the sun, then Bonaire is for you. Bonaire is one of the dive destinations that truly offers unlimited opportunities to enjoy the underwater world. Call or stop by the dive shop and speak with Lee about how you can experience one of the world’s truly great diving destinations.

At D3 we are a “family” of divers – if you are interested in learning to Dive – or you are a certified diver looking for “dive family” – then why not consider D3 and let us show you some “serious diving” and “serious fun.”