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THE OCTOBER 19 – 22 FLORIDA KEYS DIVE TRIP IS A GO!  SIGN UP NOW BEFORE WE SELL OUT Greetings Divers! Are you sitting at home lamenting that the peak dive season is about to come to a close?  As you fight rush hour traffic each day, does you mind begin to wander to the times when the only traffic you were in was that giant school of grunts slowly swimming by? There is no need to daydream anymore when you can get in one more great set of dives in the Florida Keys before the hustle and bustle of the Holidays set in.  Yes that is right – you can dive the Florida Keys. Our dive charter operator and the hotel are open for business – as a matter of fact they have been diving for the last couple of weeks.It is not too late to join the great group of divers that have already signed up for the October Keys trip.  We will be departing the dive shop on Thursday October 19th around 6:30 pm aboard our luxury motor coach and be headed south slip beneath the ocean surface and check out all of the magnificent underwater creatures and features.  But you do need to act now, as space on the bus is selling quickly and we are less that one month from heading to the Keys.Your trip fee includes:*   Three nights double occupancy at the Holiday Inn (Thursday to Saturday)*   Friday Afternoon – 2  cylinder boat dive*   Saturday Morning – 2 cylinder boat dive*   Sunday Morning – 2 cylinder boat dive*   Weights & tanks
*  Nitrox and afternoon and night dives are available for an additional fee
Of course all dives are weather dependent.  And if you have been considering advanced certifications or additional training to improve and enhance your dive experiences, then this is the trip for you.  We will be holding academic and pool sessions for advance certifications prior to the trip to the Keys where we will conduct the open water portion of the advanced diver certifications.  Want to know more about wreck diving, need to improve your navigational skills, ready to try some deep diving or maybe a night dive is in your plans, then sign up now for the advance courses and complete your open water check out dives in the Keys. On a separate note, I know that like me, each of you are a member of one great big dive family.  When I spoke to our dive operator about the trip, I asked him what help he needed in the aftermath of Irma.  His response was “Ask you Dive Family to come diving – the best thing you can do for the Florida Keys is to down and dive.”  So if you were wondering what you can do to help our dive family – the answer is simple – join us in the Florida Keys this October.For additional details on the trip – please give the dive shop a call.