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Spring 2021 Activities and Adventures

Spring is in the air and we are excited to share our upcoming activities, classes, and trips.  

First, on April 17th, we are hosting another Cook-Out with some great learning experiences. Jackie will be teaching the Perfect Buoyancy Class which helps you master your underwater control (trust us – your buddy will thank you!). Also Danny will be doing a complimentary Computer Class as well as a Fin-kick Technique Class. 


If you know of anyone that wants to get certified, we have several classes coming up. The next Open Water class with availability starts April 22nd, (May 6-9 or May 20-23). The very best compliment you can give us is referring your friends and family! 

For those of you that want to advance your skills, our next Nitrox Class is on April 7th. Also Jackie will be teaching a Photography class on May 1st. Come learn how to enhance your skills and techniques with underwater cameras. Call or email the shop to register for any of these great classes. 

Equipment Servicing 

Spring is the best time to get your equipment serviced. Get your gear into the shop now so that Mike can get everything tuned up in time for your summer adventures. Mike will be holding a very useful Equipment Maintenance class on May 19th.

Scuba Trips 

Both of our April Springs/Keys trips are full but we have plenty of additional travel opportunities coming up in May with the following three trips: 

  • On May 6th, we have a Wreck Trip to Pompano Beach, where we plan to dive the Okinawa, the Lady Luck, and the Captain Dan. These are 3 great wrecks that you don’t want to miss. 
  • On May 20th there is a Coral Restoration trip to the Keys where we will learn more about coral reefs and how to preserve them for future generations of divers. You will also have the opportunity to plant new coral. 
  • Then on May 27th we have another popular Springs/Keys trip. 

In June, we have one opening on our long-awaited South Africa trip. This will be a trip of a lifetime with safari game rides, world-renowned dive sites, cage diving with Great Whites, and much more. Give us a call or email for more details.

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