Open Water Dive Certification

The Beginning Scuba Class

D3 is dedicated to helping our customers become competent and confident open-water divers. Our open water training program includes state-of-the-art online training complemented with class room and pool sessions led by our professional friendly instructors. To become a certified diver you will need to complete the academic session, pool session, and open water certification dives. The open water dives are not part of the academic and pool sessions and will need to be scheduled separately. Costs for open-water dive certification depend on your choice of open-water dive trips.

Certification Classes and Schedules

  • Open Water Weekend Course: $399.00
  • Custom Course – You set the schedule: $599
  • Add a Nitrox class for $99.00 when signing up and save $29.00.

The open-water training included in this course consists of the following:

Student Kit

Includes access to SSI’s state of the art interactive online training, dive tables and log book.

Home Study

Online training allows you to schedule your training at times that are convenient to you! We know that not everyone learns at the same pace and SSI’s state of the art online training programs gives you control of the pace you study and learn. Our online academic program will walk you through the basics of open water diving including identifying the equipment components of the total dive system, how to use the equipment, and the physics and physiology of open water diving. In addition you will learn how to use the SSI dive tables, explore the marine environment and discover additional training available to you from SSI. There are six interactive online sessions covering the topics just described.

Classroom Review

Prior to attending the classroom review you will need to have completed the online training. Classroom sessions are held in D3’s Diver Education Center where our friendly, patient and passionate professional dive team will review each of the sessions covered in the online training. The sessions are intended to further enhance your online training and to clarify and reinforce the key learnings taught during the online training program. At the conclusion of the classroom training, your instructor will issue a written final exam.

Pool Dives

This consists of you “getting wet” in the comfort of a pool setting. In the pool you will experience the excitement of the underwater world while acquiring the basic skills necessary for open water diving. With safety at the forefront of all of D3’s training our experienced instructors will guide you through the proper use of SCUBA and teach you the skills you need to dive safely. You will participate in a wide range of activities from buoyancy control to how to handle emergency situations – each designed to make you a competent and confident diver.

Equipment You Will Need and Equipment D3 Provides

To begin your underwater adventure you need the following items:

  • Dive quality mask, fins, and snorkel
  • Timing device (dive watch or dive computer)
  • Bathing suit, towel, and a smile

D3 will provide the other equipment needed to dive in the pool, including:

  • Regulators and Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
  • Shorty Wetsuit
  • Scuba Cylinders
  • Weights and weight belts
  • Some of the best dive professionals in the industry

After You Complete the Academic and Pool Sessions – What Next?

After you complete the academic and pool sessions you will need to schedule your open water certification check out dives. Open water certification requires a minimum of 4 dives with no more than 3 dives being completed in one day – so you will need to plan on at least two days of diving. During the certification dives you will demonstrate to the instructor that you have acquired the skills necessary to be a competent, confident and safe diver.

D3 offers a wide variety of dive trips where you can complete your certification. Of course, prices for certification dives vary according to which adventure you choose. Should you choose to complete your open water certification with a dive shop other than D3 then our instructors will complete a referral form for you to take to the certifying dive shop. Please note that there is an additional charge for the referral documentation to cover referral administration and other related costs.

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Open Water Dive Certification