Scuba Rangers

Diving for Kids and Young Teens SCUBA Class

Club Activities

Club activities keep the Rangers coming back for more. Activities range from diving, to games, to fun field trips.


Rangers can also enjoy hands on specialty activities such as Night Ranger (using underwater lights), Navigation Ranger (using compasses), and Equipment Ranger (setting up equipment). Civics Ranger. By learning the Scuba Rangers Pledge and performing community assistance tasks, Rangers learn important values and practice valuable life skills.

The Scuba Rangers Pledge

“As a Scuba Ranger and a member of the diving community, I pledge to continue my diving education, to protect the aquatic environment, to dive responsibly, to participate in my community and my future, and to have fun!”

Personal Gear Needed

  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties, and a wetsuit is recommended.
  • All other equipment is provided.

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Scuba Rangers