Snorkel Diver Class

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Learn to Snorkel Dive

Maximize the enjoyment of your snorkeling opportunities by learning snorkeling skills. This class only takes a few hours and you will learn how to float in comfort and safety, to kick against a current, to clear the mask and snorkel with ease, getting into and out of the water, how to dive underwater, and how to identify beautiful fish.
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SSI’s Snorkel Diver program is full of tips and advice to help make snorkeling easier and more fun.

Through the SSI Freediving Level 1 or SSI Open Water Diver program, you can complete your training and get full credit for what you have already accomplished in your Snorkeling program.

In addition to helping with your snorkeling skills, we also will help you in your selection of equipment that will fit properly and that will be best for the type of snorkeling you are wanting to experience.

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View our calendar for the class dates and times or contact us to schedule your next class. Discover how SAFE and FUN scuba diving really is. We look forward to serving you.

Snorkel Diver Class