Computer Diving Scuba Course

Diving at depth requires the use of some special equipment: Examples – depth gauge, time keeping device and pressure gauge. For years these three pieces of equipment have been used to calculate repetitive dives and help prevent medical problems.

Recently however, the advent of the dive computer has increased the number of tools at the diver’s disposal. This course combines a review of repetitive diving and new technology, and will familiarize a diver with how the dive computer works.

Combine other specialties while taking the Computer Diving course! Wreck Diving or Deep Diving are great add ons. The possibilities are limitless!

Each specialty course at DIVE DIVE DIVE uses a complete training system. The system uses the manual, including chapter review questions, and a short video to present everything you need to know about purchasing, using, maintaining, and having fun with a dive computer.

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Computer Diving Scuba Course