Diver Stress and Rescue Class

Diver Stress and Rescue SCUBA Class

Diver Stress and Rescue is the next course recommended after Open Water Diver, because it helps you gain confidence and makes you a better buddy.


You will learn the signs of stress, and how to deal with stress in yourself and other divers before the dive, during the dive and after the dive. Also, you will learn about different personality types and the common actions of each type in stressful situations.


You will learn skills and techniques to help you and other divers prevent and overcome common stressors associated with diving. You will also learn self aid and buddy aid skills for potentially stressful and/or rescue situations.


You will learn about how your equipment can help you to stay relaxed and enjoy every dive, what equipment is required in various rescue situations and how to use your equipment properly in the event of a rescue.

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Diver Stress and Rescue Class