Dry Suit Diving Scuba Class

Do you get cold while diving? A dry suit may be the answer for you. Dry suits are unique exposure suits that keep you warm, comfortable and DRY even under water.

With just a little training, you can enjoy diving as you never have before. You’ll see, as so many others have, that diving dry really is better. With a dry suit, you can dive in places and see marine life that you can’t with a regular wet suit.

When you finish with this course you will have a fundamental understanding of dry suits and be able to use them with satisfactory proficiency. You will also be trained in several emergency procedures associated with dry suits.

Each specialty course at DIVE DIVE DIVE uses a complete training system. The system uses the manual, including chapter review questions, and a short video to present everything you need to know about purchasing, using, maintaining, and having fun in dry suits.

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Dry Suit Diving Scuba Class