Research Diver SCUBA Class

Knowledge and curiosity are the pillars upon which all discovery is built. The Research Diver SCUBA Class will enhance your knowledge underwater ecosystems and aquatic life. Combined with your own natural curiosity, you will find that you see much more in the reef or kelp forest than ever before.  

Throughout this course you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge in basic Research Diving. In the end you will be better able to identify, discover, explore, and appreciate the underwater environment by using research techniques and gain a better understanding of how to preserve and protect the underwater environment.  

We’ll cover topics like… Data collection, Fish Surveys, Underwater navigation project, Underwater mapping, Fish identification workshop. 

Why Research? 

  • Learn how to quantify/measure what you see
  • Way to help the ocean
  • You as a diver are an ambassador for the ocean

Marine Biology

  • Ecology
  • Food Chains (Why this is important!)
  • 4 habitats with focus on kelp
  • Seasonal changes in conditions/organisms

Marine Organisms

  • Fishes
  • Invertebrates
  • Mammals (seals, sea lions, dolphins)

-Diving Methodology

  • Dive planning and why it’s important. Nitrox!!
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Measuring Techniques
  • The advantages/disadvantages for both types UW measuring 
  • Mapping
  • AWARE record data collecting

Requirements: Advanced Open Water 

Required gear: All standard scuba equipment – plus SMB, finger spool, knife, light, compass, large slate, fish ID slate and pencils.   

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Research Diver SCUBA Class